Seniors take next step


Grega, Jacqueline Zhaonan Marie

The girls throw their hands in the middle to break the huddle. Both coaches wore teal shirts to support ovarian cancer. Lady Aves! Photo Courtesy: McDaniel’s Photography.

Jacqueline Grega, Staff Writer

The girls soccer season has closed down, and it is time to move on to the next step in their lives. What is next?
“I’m still going to do soccer for fun, like indoor soccer. Other than that, I’m just going to relax and have fun for the rest of the senior year,” said Ally Miller, 12.
Miller was a one-year Varsity member but has played since she was five years old. She does not plan on ending soccer, but rather continuing it in her leisure time.
Senior Renee Foster was a four-year Varsity soccer player. Her position is attack.
“What I’m doing now is conditioning for lacrosse and training for the season,” Foster said.
Mr. Brian Fallon is the Varsity girls soccer coach. He has been coaching this team for two years.
“The seniors embraced all the players and all the classes, whether a freshman new to the program or junior/sophomore who’s been there for a few years. These seniors interacted with everyone. They are a very open group of girls, great personalities overall,” Fallon saidJ.
Photo Courtesy: McDaniel’s Photography.
Caption: Lady Aves! The girls throw their hands in the middle to break the huddle. Both coaches wore a teal shirt to support ovarian cancer. X-X-X Jacqueline Grega