State champions return early


Jeremy McDaniel

Sycamore Aves Tennis is a very united and successful team because of how well they work together and how hard they work. Our team makes sure that everyone is included and also supports each others at matches. For Sycamore, position does not matter. All that matters is how well they work together.

David Sung, Staff Writer

SHS boys tennis starts off their season with early morning conditioning. These players attempt to work really hard before the season to become strong and tough when the season comes.
This school has a great tennis program winning state championships three times in a row (2014, 2015, 2016). All of the success that is being shown is from the work ethic that is put in during the offseason.
“One thing that really sets us apart from other teams in the state is our relentless work ethic, both on the court and during the offseason. No other team is out there working their butts off, conditioning before school beginning in October. It definitely pays off at the end of the season at moments when adversity is high and we need to fight and persist,” said  Nathan Zhang, 11.
The tennis team’s extensive conditioning is most noticeable when interscholastic court play heats up.
“I would say the offseason for tennis players is very difficult. The work we put in truly reflects our success on the court. The reason the Sycamore Tennis program is at such a high level is because we do extra work in the winter. It is a grind, but 100% worth it,”said Noah Stern, 12.
The work that the tennis team puts in pays off when the real deal starts up.
“No other school gets up at 5:30 am to get better for high school tennis. That is why I believe our program is so strong due to our toughness and will to get better,” said Regis Lou, 12.
The tennis team wins because of their stamina, tenacity, resilience, coachability plus being unequivocally for the TEAM and not for self.