Basketball puts in work for season


McDaniel's Photography

Swish! Cochran, number 23, graduates last year as starter on Varsity. He plays college now but has left a dent in Aves basketball. The team looks to start the season without him.

It is said that there is only one thing that contributes to getting on top: hard work. SHS basketball seeks their hard work in before- and after-school showings, including conditioning, lifting, and playing.

Both genders of SHS basketball alternate week days when it comes down to their work. Boys basketball trains Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while girls basketball trains on Tuesdays and Thurdays.

“I think that hard work pays off, and if we put in the work, we’ll have a decent season,” said Jeremy Wittenbaum, 10.

People want the Aviators to have a good season, yet they will meed to recover after having one of the top players from the 2016 season, Kevin Cochran, graduate last year.

“As long as people do what they are supposed to do, we will do well because we have certainly trained a lot,” said Youngbin Lee, 10.

“I would say that the conditioning and other preseason preparations have built team chemistry as well,” said Luke Huffer, 11.

Team chemistry is a very important role when it comes to playing the game of basketball well. If the team can develop this and keep other necessary attributes, they will have a good season.

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