‘Haters Back Off’


Colleen Ballinger (Instagram)

YouTube star Miranda Sings now has her own Netflix show. ‘Haters Back Off’ is an eight episode series following Miranda on her path to fame. The dramedy has been enjoyed by longtime fans and newcomers alike.

YouTube sensation Miranda Sings’ red lipstick and memorable voice have now taken over Netflix.

With over one billion views on YouTube, comedian and singer Colleen Ballinger’s character Miranda Sings has risen to fame since her first video in 2008.

As her alter ego, Ballinger smears her lips with bright red lipstick and belts pop songs in low quality videos, poking fun at the self-proclaimed musical artists who post on the Internet.

To her fans’ delight, Miranda’s comedic act is now featured in an eight episode series titled “Haters Back Off” on Netflix as of this October 14.

“Ever since I discovered Miranda’s crazy pop song covers a few years ago, I have fallen in love with her. I am so excited that there is now a show to display her comedy,” said Thea Ferdinand, 11.

The show was written by Ballinger herself, along with her brother Chris Ballinger.

It follows Miranda on her quest to fame via her Uncle Jim’s “5 Phase Plan,” including endeavors as an actor, singer, model, and magician.

With a boy-next-door love interest, a moody sister, and a crazy uncle, Miranda seeks fame through appearances in magic shows, town parades, and church choirs.

The show is just as funny as Miranda’s famous videos and adds some context to her craziness.

“I’ve always wanted to show that she’s a real person, with real feelings, that she’s vulnerable.

It wouldn’t make sense to have Miranda on a perfect set, in a beautiful home. The character is so wacky and extreme; her world has to be wacky and extreme too,” said Ballinger.

Although the show certainly produces some laughs, it also teaches what it means to be unique and to pursue your passion no matter what the “haters” say.