Busting out Caesar


Allyson Bonhaus

This was taken Nov. 7th as Latin teacher, Mr. Sean Minion explained the answer to a question. The club regularly has a friendly competition. Buzzing in with the answer to asked questions, the students work with their team to come in the lead.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

Latin AP students are cracking open ancient texts to continue their knowledge of Latin. By studying Caesar and the Aeneid, the students are diving into history. Written by ancient authors, students must dissect ancient rhetorical devices and phrases.
“Latin club is a pretty relaxed club, it’s really interesting too,” said Grace Creek, 10.
Ranging from seniors to sophomores, the small class helps each other understand the complicated passages.
However, going to Latin Club on Mondays provides a break from the intensive schedule. The last holiday celebration was for Halloween and there was candy, sweets, trivia, and funny Roman tombstone epigraphs.
“The people there are super nice and welcoming,” Creek said.
Latin Club will continue meeting weekly and has another celebration planned for Saturnalia. It is an ancient Roman celebration of the Roman god Saturn. The holiday takes place on Dec. 17.
“Even if you don’t have any Latin background you learn a lot,” Creek said.
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