Building wall for support


Stephanie Mather

Throughout the day, students walked past the walls and took photos of it, many of which appeared on social media. Tweets highlighted building this wall versus the wall that Donald Trump proposed. A large portion of the publication was on Snapchat as well, and it featured strong appreciation for the artists who contributed.

A group of students teamed up to make a change. In the days after Donald Trump was named President Elect, fear filled the minds of students at SHS. To calm their peers, students met after school to make posters.

Their intention was to have them hung up around the school to inspire students to love their each other and show them that there is hope for the future, especially in terms of love and equality.

“Although the girls who made the wall have received some negative comments, our intentions were only to spread love and encouragement to everyone,” said Stephanie Mather, 12.

The posters advertised acceptance of all sexual orientations and gender as well as raising boys and girls equally. Some posters highlighted the Black Lives Matter movement; however those were soon taken off the wall. The makers of the wall were saddened by this.

“It’s a good expression of student opinions, but it seems controversial,” said Makayla Bath, 12.

The same group, as well as new and passionate members hope to get together again to further the distribution of their message by either making more inspirational signs or brainstorming other ways to communicate.

“Many students and faculty members have expressed how much they appreciate the posters and what they represent, and that’s exactly why we made it.”

“I think the wall built a strong connection and sense of pride for all who contributed and those who received our message as we intended,” said Mather.