2016 stays hot


MCT Photo

People often question the impact of global warming. A rise in sea levels is one huge impact. Certain animals may need to move north as well.

Scientists are claiming that 2016 may be the world’s hottest year. As of data thus far, as long as the remaining months are consistent, this will be the hottest year in history.
Ironically, President Elect Donald Trump simply does not believe in global warming.
“The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive,” said Trump in a tweet.
Regardless of what Trump believes, the notion has began catching on that this may be the hottest year yet.
“A rise of 1.2 degree Celsius in the temperature above the pre-industrial levels was noted by the scientists from January to September this year,” said Nupur Jha from the International Business Times.
Although the 1.2 degrees make a huge impact globally, at SHS, it seems cold as ever. This year, temperatures  spike from a cold 30’ in the morning to up to 70’ mid-afternoon.
“I have been noticing that it is getting colder later in the year. I remember a couple years ago we already had a snow day before Thanksgiving!” said Rachel Schneider, 10.
Trump, scientists, and SHS students can all agree: all eyes are on the weather right now.