Pic(nic)king up French Culture


Uttkantha Sindhwani

Juniors Yasmine Guedira and Taylor Close enjoy the French Club Picnic. Students brought foods like baguettes, cheese, fresh fruit, macaroons and more. French Club meets various times throughout the year for similar activities.

French Club has begun for the school year. The SHS French Club meets about once a month, and students don’t have to study French as their foreign language to be able to join: the club is exclusive of the French language. Instead, the meetings give focus to French culture.
“I love that you don’t have to be able to speak French to join French Club. I can bring friends who don’t take French, and we can still have fun,” said Madeleine Weiss, 10.
French Club events include a Fondue Party, a Gingerbread House contest and Secret Santa, a Mardi Gras mask activity, a Galette de Rois party, and a Petanque tournament, among others.
“I always look forward to the Fondue Party. It is so fun, and the cheese fondue is delicious. I also love being a part of the Secret Santa. And there is always great food!” said Weiss.
The first meeting for this year was the annual picnic, held on September 21, 2016. The picnic is a time when members sign up to bring different types of French food and meet up in the Courtyard to eat and enjoy time with friends.
“The picnic is the perfect way to start the year. It is so refreshing to just sit outside and eat some amazing food with friends. It’s a fun time,” said Weiss.
For more information about French Club, click here.