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Photo Caption: Just like in fiction and nonfiction, poetry has different styles. It can be good to get a head start on yearly English poetry units and get a feel for different styles of poetry. Also, you may find a style you like and can try to match in your own poetry.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

Need help finding that perfect book? Here are the top 2016 poetry books:
“The Universe of Us” by Lang Leav
Driven by allusions to the universe and constellations, Leav’s lines discuss love and loss, hope and hurt, and more.
“But our bodies are made of stardust, and we are hurtling through space and time, toward the most beautiful collision,” wrote Leav, “Universe of Us.”
“Graffiti” by Savannah Brown
Brown, who has shared her poetry on her YouTube channel for years, writes her debut book using her favorite poems.
“My body is a temple and I’m the god it was built for,” wrote Brown.
“The Princess Saves Herself in this One” by Amanda Lovelace
With four characters and three stages the princess, damsel, and queen put together the life of the author with messages on life, love, loss, grief, etc.“Ah, life— the thing that happens to us while we’re off somewhere else blowing on Dandelions,” wrote Lovelace.
“Today Means Amen” by Sierra DeMulder
Courageous and candid Youtube star DeMulder’s first words are “Dear you.”
“Then Come Back: The Lost Neruda Poems” by Pablo Neruda
These lost poems found in Neruda’s archive on napkins and receipts discuss eros and heartache.
“Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately” by Alicia Cook
Cook’s second poetry book sets her poems in a Track List with tracks being poems and two sides like a record.
Note that I did not read all of these books. Some were recommended by friends, elected by Goodreads Choice Awards for 2016, or found online.

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