Testing for allergies


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Gluten is a mixture of proteins found in wheat and other grains. It acts as the ‘glue’ that allows the food to maintain its shape for as long as possible. Gluten is completely indigestible to everyone.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

Every three minutes a food allergy sends someone to the emergency room. Food allergies can be an easy fix or something people need to consciously avoid daily. One allergy, gluten, can be difficult to live around.
One in approximately 100 people are allergic, but only one in 4,700 have been officially diagnosed.
“To further complicate matters, recent findings indicate that many people with a gluten intolerance but not celiac disease may have a different form of disease altogether,” according to Gluten Intolerance School.
Many people now realize that their migraines or bad health is due to gluten. Once it is taken out the diet the problem may go away or lessen. However, gluten is hard to stay away from. Many foods contain this is unexpected ways.
Gluten is not the only allergy or choice aversion to food. Some chose to be vegetarian or vegan because they are against harming animals.
“ I think I actually got a bit happier though maybe it was just luck that it lined up with things that happened, but being vegan has been extremely fun– exploring different foods I can eat, at home and around the world as I traveled,” said Christine Zou, 10.
Being gluten-free can be done, especially needed for people that are celiac. Celiacs are severely allergic to gluten. Others have gluten sensitivity which can cause health problems as well. For those with other medical problems, being gluten free is necessary for their diet.
Lately, being gluten-free has become a trend. But, for those who do not need to be without it, it can damage a balanced diet.
“I started eating more fruit and veggies (obviously) and even though I used to crave meat, I find myself craving it less and less everyday. I fell in love with things like açai bowls. I still eat my fair share of junk food tho- potato chips and oreos. But I definitely find myself eating healthier and cleaner,” said Zou.
If you decide to be gluten-free you must carefully balance the benefits and risks, also what you are giving up. You would have to sacrifice certain candies, bread, pizza, fries, etc. so that you may be gluten free. Sometimes it is necessary.
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