Pep Rally scheduled for Dec. 16

On Fri., Dec. 16, there will be an adjusted bell schedule to allow time for a quick pep rally in the gym.

Ra’Von Bonner, 12, has won Pen Station “Player of the Month.” This makes Bonner eligible for a $10,000 scholarship, and the school that shows the most spirit during their award presentation will win $2,500.

The schedule will be as follows:

1st Bell Exam: 7:20-9:20 a.m. (30 min. prep time)

2nd Bell: 9:14-9:48 a.m.

3rd Bell: 9:52-10:26 a.m.

4th Bell: 10:30-11:04 a.m.


A: 11:04-11:34 a.m.

B: 11:34-12:04 p.m.

5th Bell: 12:08-12:45 p.m.

Special Pep Rally: 12:50-1:10 p.m.

6th Bell: 1:15-1:48 p.m,

7th Bell: 1:51-2:20 p.m.