Man jailed over Trump plot


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Presidential-elect Trump is currently in the process of nominating people for Cabinet. He has also been traveling the country to thank people for voting for him. He officially becomes the president in January.

Kamaria Walton, Lead Beats Editor

President-elect Donald Trump has had a few attempts on his life throughout his campaign the past few months, but this is the first one in which the man received a chance of major punishment. A British man named Michael Sandford attempted this action.

In a Las Vegas rally, Sandford grabbed a nearby policeman’s gun and tried to shoot at the president-elect. However he was quickly grabbed by security at the event, and Trump was not injured.

“It breaks my heart to see him in this environment,” said Lynne Sandford, Sandford’s mother, according to BBC.

The court that is hearing the case stated that he could be jailed for up to a year but could be eligible for release and deportation back to the United Kingdom in four months. In court, he cried and apologized for his actions.

“I don’t think you harbored malice in your heart,” said James Mahan, the judge overseeing his trial, according to BBC.

His motive was originally due to the fact that he was homeless, having overstayed his visa and had then planned to drive to Las Vegas to shoot Trump.

“I think this won’t be the first nor the last we hear of something like this,” said Lindsay Tacy, 12.