Stacking on social media platforms


Hannah Loftspring

Sharing is caring. “All four of us have the password to the account, and each of our friends follow it along with our mutual friends. I think it’ll be fun to find in a few years, and we’ll be able to remember our freshman year of college,” Wiedmann said.

Where do you turn to when Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat get boring? People have taken Instagram to a new level in order to enjoy social media more: Finstas.

A finsta is an Instagram account for posts people want to share, but not with everyone who follows their main account. The word finsta is from the combination of ‘fake’ and ‘insta’, which is short for Instagram account.

More often than not, finstas are made private so the owner of the account has to accept who is able to view their content.

“My finsta is private because my posts sometimes are weird. It’s not inappropriate; I just have weird pictures and captions, and I don’t want followers who I only kind of know to think I’m strange,” said Sophia Wiedmann, Sycamore graduate.

The point of a finsta is to essentially connect with your close friends by posting pictures, without your not-so-close friends being able to see them. As of lately, there is an entire finsta community.

“I made mine because some girls on the tennis team had finstas; so as a dare, I made one, and I don’t regret it. Not yet at least,” said Sarah Sotropa, 12.

In order to create an account, one of the most important thing to consider is the username. A popular trend for usernames is to incorporate a play on words with the person’s name.

“I share mine with my roommates, and it’s funny because the name isn’t a combination of all of ours; it actually has our room number in it,” Wiedmann said.

Finstas are a way to connect with people on an extra level without the pressure of posting the ‘right things’ on social media, and the account is free to make. Free fun!