Young the Giant releases new album


Young the Giant performs in Louisville, KY in September of 2016. The band’s Home of the Strange tour will continue until summer 2017. The tour features songs from their new album and shows off their new, unique sound. Photo courtesy of Yvanna Reyes

Anne Marsh, Staff Writer

With hit singles like “Cough Syrup,” pop indie band Young the Giant has risen to fame in the past 5 years.

The California-native group, led by Sameer Gadhia, came out with a new album this year.

The “Home of the Strange” album was released Aug. 12, 2016, and the band is touring until June 2017, performing nearby in Cleveland on June 10, 2017.

“Rolling Stone” calls the band a “modern rock melting pot, [as] Gadhia’s parents are Indian immigrants, bassist Payam Doostzadeh is Persian-American and drummer Francois Comtois hails from Quebec.”

Young the Giant’s new album has been called a unique musical tribute to the immigrant population of America, as seen in the album’s title “Home of the Strange” (a play on Home of the Brave).

“The Home of the Strange is by far my favorite album of theirs, and the new sound they have developed is really unique,” said Kiri Wang, 11.

It features tracks such as “Amerika” and lyrics such as “For amber waves of fame I will not change.”

Besides the social commentary within the new album, it also features a variety of songs that you can dance to with your friends (“Something to Believe In”) or lie in bed and listen to (“Art Exhibit”).

“Their concerts are also a memorable experience and they have a really energetic performance with a great sound,” Wang said.

Young the Giant has evolved and found its own identity, and you will not regret checking out tracks other than “Cough Syrup.”

The album is available on iTunes and tickets are available online.