Choirs ‘pitch’ concerts


Bao, Jenna Xu

Take a bow. Top Left: Elizabeth Geraci, Kennedy Byrd, Olivia, Simran Bhola, Zarria Gray, Nathalie Delegado. Front: Mr. Ken Hodlt. The choir winter concert was held Tues. Dec. 5 and the all girls choir was the third to perform. Photo courtesy of McDaniels’ Photography.

Maddi Saunders, Staff Writer

The winter concert is over and with it comes new voice parts for all the choirs.

Voice parts are how high or low a singer can perform and what their vocal range is. Bella Voce, the all girls choir, has four voice parts. Soprano one, soprano two, alto one, and alto two.

“For both second and first semester, I sing alto two, the lowest part,” said Kirsten Thomas, 10.

Soprano one is the highest voice part, then soprano two. Then alto one and two. Three girls sing soprano one, four sing soprano two, three alto one, and the rest are alto two.

Choir director Ken Holdt tests all the choirs for new voice parts every semester to expand vocal range-how high and low someone can sing.

“I feel like it gives people another chance to test how well you can go from either tenor or bass,” said Nick Mollenkamp, 9.

Sometimes, alto ones and twos will combine for a song or soprano ones and twos will combine for a song. It makes the piece being performed sound better.

“It sounds really good when we do that,” Thomas said.