Bombing threatens Americans overseas


Wade, Edward Richard

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT. After the recent attacks in the Afghanistan capital of Kabul, the citizens of this well known city fear day in and day out. This was the second attack in the last six months after the recent attack in August 2016. With American citizens near the attack at a nearby university, this attack could have impacted more than one country. Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

In Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, the lives of American and Afghan citizens were on the line after a bombing right outside of the Afghanistan Parliament building and the American University of Afghanistan.

This tragic event took the lives of 38 civilians and military personnel. There were technically two attacks because a suicide bomber first set of an explosion, and then there was a car bomb that exploded not too far away.

“The first explosion happened outside the parliament. It was caused by a suicide bomber on foot,” said an injured parliament security guard to “Agence France-Presse.”

The second bombing occurred only a short time later. This bomb was more impactful than the original suicide bomber.

“The car containing the bomb was parked on the other side of the road and flung me back when it detonated,” said the same security guard.

This bombing could have not just hurt the lives of Afghan citizens, but American citizens as well. With the American University of Afghanistan right down the road, students and staff were just a short distance from the blast site.

With no one claiming this attack so far, the investigation on the attack is in a stand still.

“Initial reports suggest the attack is the bloodiest to strike Kabul for several months,” said BBC reports.

After the devastating attack, loved ones of the ones that were impacted as well as the rest of Afghanistan mourn since this attack was just a few months after another devastating attack from August 2016.