Sophomores sample ACT


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Students prepare for a college test that coming up. Many prep books are provided for students to be able to do their best. The tests are an important component in college applications so many students put in their efforts to do well.

Hannah Lee , Staff Writer

A new prep test has arrived on the sophomores plate this year. Jan. 11th was the first time the district opted for sophomores to take the PreACT.

The PreACT is identical in purpose with the PSAT. It is a test for students to take as a preliminary stimulus of the ACT or SAT. The only differences are the difficulty of the content and an optional essay.

“It’s a good test as it’s quite close to the real [ACT] because I’ve taken the real ACT. It is a good estimator of how you will do in the real ACT,” said Teddy Weng, 10.

However, unlike the PSAT, the PreACT for sophomores was not optional. All students had to take this test in which students missed the majority of classes that day. The test has four sections on English, Math, Reading, and Science. There are more or less than 30 questions for each section.

“ACT is always easier than the PSAT in my opinion but still is an important test. It is overall a pretty useful test,” said Weng.

It is commonly said by experienced or studying students that the ACT is easier than the SAT. The preliminary tests of the PreACT and PSAT can help upcoming test takers to choose which test they think they would do best in and take that route.

“For me the PreACT was easier than the PSAT, especially for math, but it also depends on your skills and how well you prepared,” said Annette Lee, 10.