Students seek sleep on routine


Photo by: MCT Campus

SLEEP ON IT. Biles used to be a foster kid before being adopted. Biles volunteers with the Mattress Firm and Ticket to Dream nonprofit partners in Houston. The Mattress Firm Foster Kids organization has a positive impact on thousands of foster kids nationwide. Photo by: MCT Campus.

Maddi Saunders, Staff Writer

The majority of people agree that shut eye is a good thing. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles definitely agrees. Biles is a spokesperson for Mattress Firm, striving to promote the importance of sleep for children.

“Yeah, I love sleep. I definitely think it is important,” said Nick Molenkamp, 9.

Mattress Firm is in charge of a program called Mattress Firm Foster Kids. They started this program in 2015 to support nonprofit foster care organizations. It originated in Houston before spreading nationwide.

Mattress Firm donates all money made for the Mattress Firm Foster Kids to the Ticket to Dream Foundation which gives the essentials: clothes, school supplies, shoes and toys to new foster parents and children.

“That is so cool. I think that what Mattress Firm is doing is amazing, and I would love to donate,” said Molly Hayes, 10.

The Ticket to Dream Foundation works closely with Mattress Firm because of their donations. It has six annual donation drives, and at the end of each one, items donated are given to foster families.

Right now, anyone is able to donate to both of these organizations to help foster kids. All Mattress Firms are collecting pajamas for boys and girls of all ages. The pajamas collected then go to different foster children.

The donation drive will continue until Feb. 12. All you need to do to donate is go to your local Mattress Firm and give them the clothes or donate money online.

“I like that I can go online that way I do not actually have to go in Mattress Firm to donate money,” said Megan Hayes, 10.