Aves Theatre prepares to perform


LUNCH TIME. On a Saturday during the rehearsal process, the actors and crew members are found hard at work. Amanda Jensen, Katie Stautberg, Maddy Weiss, Sydney Weiss, Shayna Kling, and Sarah Guedira took their lunch break at Pioneer park on a particularly nice day. “It was a nice break from working in the theatre,” said Kling.

Sydney Weiss, Social Media Director

As Feb. 2, 3, and 4 becomes increasingly closer, the actors and crew members of Aves Theatre’s production of Irena’s Vow [link] are busy as ever. The show revolves around a young heroine, Irena Gut Opdyke who single-handedly hid twelve Jews during the holocaust.
“I think it is starting to hit us all that the show is so close. We have rehearsal every single day now and are starting to combine the various elements. We are slowly adding lights, music, costumes, and props,” said Shayna Kling, 10.
Although the show is a play, the cast and crew is working feverishly to add multiple layers and elements.
“I think this show will be unique to anything that anyone has ever seen before. It has drama, suspense, and realism,” said Adam Levine, 10.
The set is an arrangement of multiple platforms and flats. It is extremely versatile in that it is made to fit a variety of different locations in the show.
“I was super excited when I first saw the finished set. As we were working on it, I could not fully tell what it would look like. I think it is perfect,” said Kling.
Tickets are on sale now at the Aves Theatre website and are available at the door as well.
“You will not regret seeing this show,” said Levine.