Choirs sing for praises


McDaniels' Photography

Sing out. Left to right: Elizabeth Gerci, Kennedy Byrd, Olivia Eppert, Simran Bhola, Zarria Gray, Nathalie Delgado, and Miriam Chowdhury. Bella Voce wear their green dresses at the last concert. The girls in black are also in another choir. Photo courtesy of McDaniels’ Photography.

Maddi Saunders, Staff Writer

Saturday was a big day for the all girl’s choir, Bella Voce. On Jan. 28, several choirs at SHS participated in the Solo and Ensemble competition at Elder High School in Cincinnati.

“It was a good bonding moment for Bella,” said Kaitlynn Herzog, 11.

Each choir sang one song that was then rated by the judges at the competition. The ratings were one through five, one being the best and five being the worst. The Bella girls were not able to get a rating.

The Bella Voce group is too small for a professional rating, but they were still able to sing for the judges. The all girls choir sang “Johnny Said No” composed by Vijay Singh.

This folk song about a man named Johnny who turns down every girl who asks to be with him romantically is sang a capella. A capella is when a group/individual  sings without the accompaniment of any musical instrument.

“Singing a song a capella is definitely different for us, but we rehearsed this piece a lot. It was a blast,” said Kirsten Thomas, 10.

“Johnny Said No” was not a conducted piece, meaning Bella Voce sang without choir teacher Mr. Ken Holdt directing them.

The girls had the choice of wearing whatever they wanted to the competition so long as it was nice and any skirts or dresses went down to their knees.

The Solo and Ensemble competition was a day-long event. Parents and other spectators were welcome to come and watch all of the choirs perform. The performers were also allowed to watch other choirs sing.

“I watched one of my other choir members sing, and she did a great job,” Thomas said.

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