Exercising affects students


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Fortunately most students in the shs are involved in after school sports. Eating healthy and being involved is really important for you physically, mentally and emotionally. It is scientifically proven that being involved in a sport boosts your mood 56%.

Exercising for an hour and a half each day is the average a high school student should be doing each day. About one in 10 high school students gets the recommended amount of aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercise.
“I don’t play a sport. I honestly do not exercise. I am given too much from school and I never have time to go out for an hour and a half to run,” said Alex Rohr, 9.
According to “Webmd” only 15.3% of high school students met the aerobic activity objective. More than half of the students are drinking water only one time per day.In the beverage study, 72.4% of high school students reported drinking at least one serving of water each day.
“I swim after school everyday for more than 2 hours. I get in a lot of exercise throughout the entire year but I forget to drink water throughout the entire day which can be very risky for my health especially because I exercise so much,” said Madison Humphrey, 9.
24.3% drank at the least one serving of regular soda each day. 16.1% drank a sports drink each day, and just 17% had another sugar-sweetened beverage, such as lemonade, sweetened tea.
“ I used to drink soda about 5-6 times per week and not exercise everyday which started to really impact me. I was always a lot more lazy and week. Now that i’ve started to workout daily and cut back on the drinks I feel a lot better,” said Noella Black, 9.
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