Latin students seize their days


Allyson Bonhaus

Latin students flock to Latin Club to practice for the contests they can participate in at convention. Many of the students have been getting ready for months. This weekend getaway to the world of Roman culture and history provides a great chance for students to show off their Latin skills.

Allyson Bonhaus, Feature Chief

Latin Club is practicing for its convention, taking place February 24-25. The students will return Sunday night before school. This weekend is spent in group and individual competitions and games.

Sophomore Carolyn Zhang is one of the two consuls, meaning presidents, and the other is Grant Bruner.

“Latin Club is important to me because it gave me the opportunity to bond with different people. At first it was something that not very many of my friends did, unlike clubs such as a lot of the sports or drama organizations. So the group that I started with was very small, but we all became very close,” Zhang said.

Zhang and Bruner are leading the club and trying to get club participants ready to represent SHS.

Members test their knowledge of Latin and Roman history in quizzes or get involved in costume contests. The days are filled with activities pertaining to Roman life. Latin students from all over the tri-state area are getting involved.

“I love that we get to bond over things that originated thousands of years ago-it’s fascinating how such an ancient culture such as the Roman one can bring people together in this modern age,” Zhang said.

In the time leading up to the convention, students are practicing and learning more about the weekend to come. Students have the ability to win several different contests during the trip and they want to be as prepared as possible.

“So it’s really like I’ve kind of grown up and matured with it [Latin], and I love that as a leader [of Latin Club] now, we get to spread this unique experience to others,” Zhang said.

You can brush up on your Latin vocabulary here.