Sectionals determine qualifiers for districts


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Scheutz has qualified for both the 100 and 200 freestyle. He believes that he can qualify for the state meet in both and is also looking to qualify in two of the relays, the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 freestyle relay. This season is the last of his high school career, and he hopes to finish it strong.

Jason Merkel, Staff Writer

The weekend of February 10 featured sectional competition for the swimming and diving team. Across the team, 11 boys and 10 girls qualified for the district meet in either individual or relay events; two are first alternate swimmers.

All of the boys who qualified did so in at least one individual event, and all three relay teams qualified to swim.

Three of the four swimmers who competed in the 50 freestyle qualified: Sammy Risma, 10, Alex Newberg, 11, and Robert Schramm, 10,

In the 100 freestyle, all swimmers who competed qualified: Elliot Carl, 10, Matt Scheutz, 12, Risma, and Newberg

Carl and Scheutz also qualified in the 200 freestyle, as well as Noah Patterson, 10, and, as an alternate, Brad Greenberger,12.

In the 500 freestyle and 100 backstroke, only one swimmer in each qualified. In the 500, Jason Merkel, 10, and in the 100 back, Jiho Choi, 12.

All four swimmers qualified in the 100 breaststroke: Luke Tenbarge, 11, Stephen Fang, 11, Schramm, and Greenberger. Tenbarge and Fang also qualified in the 200 IM.

Two swimmers qualified for the 100 butterfly, Patterson and Choi. Jannan Sivaruban, 12, also qualified as a first alternate.

On the girls’ side, all the relays qualified as well, along with the individual swimmers.

In the 50 freestyle, Ania Campbell, 10, and Marissa Allen, 9, qualified.

Three girls qualified in the 100 freestyle: Hannah May, 12, Isabelle Jiminez, 12, and Campbell. May and Jiminez also qualified in the 200 freestyle.

Caroline Veraldo, 12, qualified for the 500 freestyle, and Madison Forsthoefel, 11, is a first alternate.

Lily Retford, 12, Amy Deng, 12, and Grace Deng, 9, all qualified in the 100 backstroke.

In the 100 breastroke, Libby Van Den Brink, 10, and Sarah Abraham, 11, both qualified.

Retford was the only qualifier in the 100 butterfly. None of the girls qualified in the 200 IM.