IPA’s take over device sales


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In 2017 the user can control their homes basic functions such as turning lights on and off, turning on a fan, changing light color, etc. They may be able to do much more in the upcoming years, but the possibilties are endless. “Sometimes Siri annoys me but I do love her when she actually helps me,” said Colliver.

Nathan Colliver, Staff Writer

Apple introduced Siri on October 14, 2011. IOS 5 was the first software to have an interactive personal assistant on a phone or Apple iPad.
In 2017 we have an updated Siri along with many other IPA’S (Intelligent Personal Assistant) such as Amazon’s “Alexa”, Microsoft’s “Cortana”, Google’s “Google Now” and countless others.
The future of IPA’s are limitless considering the new technology released every year. When Siri was first released the choices were very limited. The most advanced feature of the first Siri was being able to set an event on a calendar, or tell you the time.
“When Siri first came out my dad had it and he was so amazed by her abilities, he thought it was going to make life so much easier,” said Cali Colliver, 12.
In 2017 the number of possibilities with IPA’s such as Siri seems to be endless. Now asking to play music, setting a reminder or an alarm, and asking to set a destination is all possible with much more including controlling lights in a home.
IPA’s are on nearly every device in 2017 such as TV’s, phones, gaming consoles, computers, tablets, etc. While in 2011 only one IPA was available and that was Siri.
“I remember when Siri first came out everyone would ask her jokes thinking it was amazing that a phone would talk back to you without you being on the phone with someone,” said Danielle Toms, 10.
According to cnet.com, IPA’s are used by 98% of users who have it available.
“I use Siri on my phone every single day just to set my homework and my alarms or maybe if I need to go somewhere I’ve never been I ask her how to get there,” said Joshua Issac, 12.
Microsoft’s “Cortana” was just recently implemented to their Xbox One console so users can say ‘Hey Cortana’ to activate ‘her’. By asking to launch games or telling the user what time it is, it also has basic functions that the original Siri had.
Some IPA’s are said to be in their final version but some of them such as Siri can be updated at any second. So keep an eye out for the world’s next personal assistant in the palm of your hands.