Sycamore tennis season bounces back into action


Linda Stern

The mens Sycamore tennis program is looking for their fourth consecutive state title. With titles held in 2014, 2015, and 2016, this may possibly be seniors Noah Stern and Regis Lou fourth straight season with a state title. Winning state all four years is a very rare accomplishment.

With the winter season coming to a close, the spring season for sports is just around the corner. The tennis program is very excited to kick the season off with a bang.

Looking for their fourth consecutive state championship, the men’s team will be led by seniors Noah Stern and Regis Lou.

“Although I was on varsity B during the 2016 season, having the varsity A team win state four times in a row would be so hype; I cannot wait for tryouts to begin,” said Nikhil Sekar, 11.

Tennis tryouts will take place on the week of March 6 and will continue through March 11. On the last day of tryouts, the three coaches (Coach Mike Teets, Tanya Holland, and Linsey Farroh) will decide which team to place players on.

“I am anxious but very excited for tryouts to start. I have nothing to lose going into it, so I will give it all I have,” said Brendan Flanagan, 9.

Tryouts consist of two sessions. The first session which takes place right after school consists of the freshman and returning players on the Junior Varsity team.

The second session consists of returning Varsity B and Varsity A players. Within the two sessions, each person plays at most three sets to determine what team they will be placed on.

If a Junior Varsity or freshman player prove their skills on the court then the three coaches may allow them to participate in the second session with the Varsity B and A players.

On the last days of tryouts, the coaches might ask some players to play doubles to see their doubles skills; this is because doubles are an important part of the team.

Without a good doubles team, it would be very difficult for a team to make it to state.