Why Super Bowl LI might have saved NFL season


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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is hoisting his fifth Lombardi trophy of his career on Sun., Feb. 5. He led the Patriots into an incredible second half comeback after being down 3-28 and winning 34-28 in overtime. The Patriots’ victory will go down in history but also ended the rocky NFL season on high note.

The National Football League (NFL) began their 2016-17 season with controversy and outrage when former quarterback star Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem.

It sparked outrage, and the fans of the NFL wanted their commissioner Roger Goodell to do something about it. Yet all it did was build up resentment towards the commissioner.

Then the regular season took a turn for the worse with all-time great quarterback Tom Brady being suspended for four games because of the infamous Deflategate.

Although, the end of the season was wrapped with an unprecedented and historical comeback by Brady himself and the New England Patriots that is now arguably the most remarkable Super Bowl in history, it put the NFL in a good life for once this season.

Beyond that, the game had no iffy calls by the referees or a play that would be debated throughout NFL history.

The Atlanta Falcons did not yell and scream about a missed play but took their loss and are looking forward to the next season.

There was just some incredible catches by Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, no discussion about those catches; fans watched in awe at those highlight reel catches.

As long as no player does something incredibly stupid like blowing their fingers up or worse like domestic violence, the NFL will be fine and ratings will go up next season building off of the momentum of the incredible Super Bowl LI.