Aviators power through tough workouts


Photo Courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

FINAL PUSH. The SHS boys tennis team has tryouts coming up in the next two weeks giving the boys a limited amount of time to try to polish their fitness and shots. The “three-peat” state winning Varsity A team lost three seniors last year giving many spots for upcoming freshman and last years players. “I hope I make A this year, but I know it will be difficult,” said Nikhil Sekar, 11. Photo Courtesy of McDaniel’s Photography.

Eddie Wade, Staff Writer

After almost five months of intense morning workouts, the boys and girls tennis teams are finally done.

Tryouts start March 5, giving the boys more than a week to polish up on their shots and fitness before the one-week tryouts.

Many boys will play practice matches and even USTA , United States Tennis Association, tournaments.

After losing five seniors last season, the coaches will have difficult picks for those open spots. Coach Michael Teets has stated how proud he is of the players, but he always has one thing in mind.

“We are out here to win,” Teets said during conditioning.

The boys tennis team is looking to make a “four-peat” in state titles after winning in 2014, 2015, and most recently 2016.

“I am going to try to practice as much as I can so I have a good chance of making Varsity A,” said Nikhil Sekar, 11.

Tryouts for the tennis team consist of a one set matches that are both singles and doubles. The tryouts also have a mile run implemented to show which players are the most fit.

The majority of the boys will try to make the coveted Varsity A team.

“I always tried and I thought this year was my year to make Varsity A, but I was okay with making Varsity B because I still was challenged,” said Sarah Sotropa, 12.

The boys tennis team’s tryouts begin in two weeks on March 6. The players will try their hardest and push themselves to the limits to try to make this widely recognized team.