Tennis season whips its way into action


Linda Stern

Sycamore Boys Varsity tennis team has a chance to win their fourth consecutive state title. Led by captains Noah Stern and Regis Lou, the team has to get through Mason to compete in state. This year Mason and New Albany will be two of the conteders for the state championship

Spring sports are approaching at a rapid rate, and with spring approaching, teams must finish their conditions and lifting sessions and start preparing for tryouts.

“I am excited that tryouts are in about two weeks, I am a freshman, so I have nothing to lose going into tryouts,” said Brendan Flanagan, 9.

The last two conditionings for the tennis team took place on Tues., Feb. 21 and Thurs., Feb. 23. These two conditionings were the last two for all male seniors and female juniors.

Morning conditioning takes place in the Gregory Center at 6:00 a.m. and usually consists of two laps to jog, five minutes of jump-rope, nine different stations, sprints, and stretches.

Occasionally, coach Mike Teets will have the team captains lead conditioning. The captains can plan whatever they want as long as it pushes everyone to work their hardest.

With about two weeks left until tryouts, all spring athletes will give all they have to make the team they want.

“I am a little nervous and anxious. The anticipation is killing me. I am hoping to make Varsity B but am expecting Junior Varsity,” said Daniel Polasky, 10.