Counselors guide students


Counseling Staff

SNAP! The counselors very useful in the development of new students. They are also helpful in determining classes for students the next year. Counselors are a very good tool for students to use. Photo courtesy of: MCT Photo.

Although the guidance counselor’s office can seem like a scary place, it really is not. The guidance counselor can actually be very helpful and nice, as long as you behave.

New students are usually the people that go to the counselor’s office the most. They need help adjusting to the school’s layout and getting used to their classes.

To them, the guidance counselor’s office is like a safe-haven. If they are having trouble making friends or are feeling overwhelmed, the guidance counselor will help them through it.

“They checked my grades regularly and talked with me every quarter. They were exceptionally kind to me and treated me like I’ve been going to Sycamore my whole life,” said Jack Genoese, 10, when asked about how the counselors helped him when he was a new student.

Even though it can be frightening to get called up to the counselor’s office in the middle of class, often it is not a big deal at all. They call you up there just to check on how you are doing and how you are feeling about your classes.

“I was called down to the counselor’s office on a random day. I was actually a little worried, but it ended up just being about my classes, and I wasn’t in trouble,” said Noah Patterson, 10.

They also can be used to go to if you are being bullied or hazed. If you are upset about something, the counselors will be there to help you through any difficult times.

“I was bullied a little, I was called names I did not like, so I decided to go up to guidance counselor’s office and they helped me out. They took care of the issue swiftly and I was no longer called names I did not like,” said Kevin Jaffe, 10.

The guidance counselor’s office is a great place, and if you have any problems ever, they will be there to help you through them.