Writing through class


Allyson Bonhaus

WRITE ON. The Creative Writing class is a good way to relax during the school day even if you are not that interested in writing. Teachers gave prompts, activities, and poems to students to help foster creativity. There are multiple ways the teachers try to get students inspired.

Many students joined this class to develop their creative syntax skills. Creative Writing is a semester long class for sophomores through seniors. Both Mrs. Sophia Feist and Mr. Breen Reardon teach this class.
This class tries to foster creative writing skills while opening students to different types of poetry and enhances students’ short stories. Every Friday closes with a spoken word poem from Youtube to inspire the students to try that form out.
Feist, along with teaching the class, sponsors Creative Writing Club which allows students who do not have time in their schedule to write and share their voice with their peers. The club also does special things like the publication of their annual magazine called Ink, as well as the Valentine’s Day sale of poems.

For the Valentines there are three different types: for a teacher, friend, or boy/girl friend. They will be distributed on Valentine’s day.
“I love how the Creative Writing Club shares its pieces of poetry on Valentine’s Day, it is heartwarming,” said Lindsey Wong, 10.
In this class students are allowed to write on anything they wish, even if it does not fit the given prompt; there is generally no homework as well. Every week the teacher will ask students to submit something that they have written in class from the week.
“It’s great how the club writes poems on Valentine’s Day so you don’t have to go out and buy something else,” said Wong.
The Creative Writing Club is loosely tied to the class, it is ran by seniors with Feist as a sponsor. Beginning Feb. 10th the club participants will be selling Valentine’s. The club wrote some short poems that they sold for a dollar.
“The club makes it convenient for getting a present to someone, it’s great how they write the poems,” said Wong.
If students have a passion for writing they are welcome to join the club at any time. The club meets every Monday in the teacher’s lounge. They can join and submit their poems to be sold to help the club pay for food they bring. Overall, it is a great chance to get involved in your high school experience.
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