Diversity Week sets stage for greater equality


Sycamore Schools

MENU. In addition to events celebrating diversity in the lunchroom, students are also able to explore and enjoy food from different countries around the world. The menu included foods from Greece, Thailand, Morocco, India, and Mexico. The cafeteria staff was able to provide an additional diverse experience for the students.

Caroline Veraldo, Sports Chief

Diversity Week at SHS took place from Mon, Feb. 27th to Friday March 3rd. Students from all over the school had a chance to express the ways in which they are diverse.

Each day of the week corresponded to a different type of diversity. On Monday, students shared experiences of coming from different races, ethnicities, and religions. During lunch, students were able to share customs and traditions from their countries of origin.

“So far, Diversity Week has been really cool. As a member of Chinese Club, I was able to show people what Chinese culture is all about,” said Samuel Risma, 10.

Tuesday was a day to celebrate diversity in the languages we speak. Students had the opportunity to learn different languages and were able to witness a flash mob of the American Sign Language classes along with many of the Flyerettes.

On Wednesday, students celebrated the diversity in education we have at Sycamore. They were given the opportunity to sign a pledge to end the use of the word retard, a degrading term formerly used to describe students with learning disabilities.

“I signed the pledge to end the R word at lunch on Wednesday because I knew it was the right thing to do. Hopefully this week will create more awareness to end the R word,” said Risma.

Thursday was centered around gender equality and equality for all people of various sexual orientations. Students from the GSTA Club and He for She Club will educate their fellow students on what it is like to be a member of the GSTA community.

Friday was a day for reflections. Students were able to look back on what they had learned throughout the week.

“I am really pleasantly surprised with the events of the week. Overall, I think Diversity Week is a great idea and I hope we continue it in future years at SHS,” said Risma.