Earth’s food deficits impact everyone


Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

BYE BYE. The amount of available protein, a valuable substance for our bodies, could go down drastically in a short amount of time. Soy is a major plant-based protein that not only supplies humans with protein, but is also used in animal feed for their protein source as well. “It is shocking that 50 percent of our plant based protein is used for animal feed,” said Alia Diushebaevam, 10. Photo Courtesy of MCT Campus

By 2040 the world that we know as full of food, may be low in essential protein that keeps our muscles and bodies healthy and happy.

We live in a world with animal-based proteins such as meat, poultry, and fish. But, there are also the proteins that come from plants such as soy and wheat. The problem is 50 percent of plant-grown protein is fed to animals.

The protein system is too dependent on soy. Animals that are fed feed full of soy make up one of the major reasons for deforestation.

“The main crop of Ohio is soy,” said Mr. Christian Shrimpton, history teacher, in one of his lessons about agriculture and how it has grown and tumbled over the years.

To receive animal protein we must try to make our plant based protein more sustainable. This fix will create more animal protein for people who do not follow the rules of vegetarians and vegans.

“I eat meat, but not pork since I am Jewish. I feel like I couldn’t get as much protein as I do now with a plant based diet,” said Grace Lefton, 10.

The world is also full of plant waste. The amount of waste in the world is made up of 30 percent plant waste which can be converted into useful protein. With almost eight billion people in the world, the challenge to keep up with demands in food, particularly protein, is challenging.

“I try to live as healthy as I can with lots of vegetables and plants, but it is difficult to get all the protein needed to keep my body healthy without meat,” said Alia Diushebaeva, 10.

To find alternatives is the plan and to face the demand for plant based protein is the problem. There are people around the world who are trying to fix the problem to let the plan commence.