Tennis season gets into the swing of things


McDaniel's Photography

LETS GO. The SHS boys tennis team has officially begun. The success from last season brings pressure for all three teams this year since they have to prove the last year wasn’t a fluke. “It is going to be challenging this year with tough opponents,” said Bolger.

Eddie Wade, Staff Writer

This Tuesday night, Mar. 14, the SHS Boys tennis team had their beginning of the season informational meeting. The boys tennis team’s season is finally underway. After a week of intense tryouts, the players were placed on their respected teams.

On the highly ranked Varsity A team, only seven players were chosen without any extra players. On both the Varsity B and JV teams, there were extra “practice players” who will always practice with the team, but these players do not play as many matches as the others.

On the Varsity A team, matches against Mason, St. Xavier, and other schools in and out of the Cincinnati area will be on their schedule this season as they try to win a fourth straight team state title.

“I am really happy that I made Varsity A this year. It is so exciting that Coach Teets chose me and the two other players to fill in the three open spots from seniors that left last year,” said Nikhil Sekar, 11.

The Varsity B team this year only plays three other Varsity B teams this season, Mason, St. Xavier, and Centerville, making the rest of the team’s other Varsity A teams from around the city. This challenges the team to perform their best in matches throughout the season.

“The matches are going to be as tough or even tougher this year,” said Matthew Bolger, 10.

The JV team this year has all of their matches against other JV teams from around the Cincinnati area. The teams that will challenge the JV Aves this year will be Mason, St. Xavier, and the one out of city team, Centerville.

“I was on JV last year and we were definitely having the same quality matches as the Varsity A matches,” said Daniel Polasky, 10.

After last years success, all three teams will have more challenges ahead of them during this season.