New Reds’ season offers dual entertainment


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HOME RUN. The Reds play in the Great American Ball Park stadium and this is where the concerts will take place also. The two concerts that fall on fridays will be followed by the usual friday night fireworks. They will begin 20 minutes after the game finishes.

Taylor Close, A&E Chief

With spring now in full swing, baseball season is kicking off and tickets are being sold. And this year along with baseball, at a couple games during the season, fans can enjoy a concert too.
The Great American Ball Park introduced the Reds Post-Game Concert Series this year in which three games of the season will be accompanied with performances by Kaleo, Flo Rida, and The Avett Brothers.
“I think that it is cool how they are trying to incorporate two things that you normally wouldn’t think of together, baseball and music. I think that it could definitely go in very different directions, it could be a huge success or a big flop,” said Zachary Sheehan, 11.
The artists will perform on the field and anyone who purchased tickets to that game can stay and watch. For an extra fee, it is possible to go onto the field to watch the performance.
The first game of the three, on May 5 against the Giants, will feature Kaleo, an icelandic band that rose to fame through their song ‘Way Down We Go’. This concert will be one stop on the band’s Handprint tour.
“I have heard their [Kaleo’s] song on the radio every once and awhile and it has gotten pretty popular so it is cool that they are getting some bigger names to perform,” said Sheehan.
Flo Rida will perform at the Aug 4 game against the Cardinals, and the Avett Brothers will perform at the Aug 26 game against the Pirates. Click here to get tickets to the games.
“It will be interesting to see how these concerts turn out and whether or not it becomes a bigger thing in future seasons with more games having concerts attached. It is a good business proposition though because even if the people buying the tickets aren’t invested in the game they could still buy the ticket just for the concert,” said Sheehan.