Marching band announces theme


McDaniel’s Photography

WHAT COMES NEXT. Students in marching band are preparing for their next season. The theme for next year’s show, Libra, was released on March 31 at the open house. Hints were released on the band’s Twitter page.

As the school year is rounding up with tests, homework, and busy schedules, the students in marching band are gearing up for another season.

Registration will be opening up soon, and with that comes the long-awaited, very anticipated release of the theme for the next year’s show.

Leading up to the marching band open house, which took place March 31, hints to the theme were released on the band’s Twitter page.

The main goal of the open house was to get younger students from the junior high excited for the upcoming marching season and answer any questions that they may have.

The theme of the show is very important to all students involved, as they will spend many months perfecting and working on the skills of their performance.

The hints that were released caused students to create guesses as to what the show would be, which changed as new images were put up.

The theme for next year’s marching band is Libra, with a focus on balance and astrology.