Number of drug-addicted babies spikes


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HEROIN. This baby was born and tested positive for opioids. Practically since birth, the baby has been cared for by his grandfather. The child’s grandmother is looking into the adoption process.

Sadly, Ohio has been a part of the heroin epidemic. There has been a large increase in fatalities due to drug overdoses.

This has lead to more babies being born addicted to drugs. According to WLWT, the rate has risen higher than eight times since 2005.

Due to a mother using drugs while pregnant, babies can be born addicted and face serious medical issues. Some of these include breathing problems and tremors.

“It’s sad that someone’s bad choices can affect an innocent kid,” said Allie Albrecht, 10.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, about 84 babies each day were receiving treatment for this issue in 2015 alone.

This does not just affect families. In total, over $133 million was spent in 2015 to help the babies with this condition.

To help babies born addicted to drugs, other states are allowing baby cuddlers. Volunteers come in, hold the babies, and try to calm them during their withdrawals.

“I think the program is a good thing,” Albrecht said.

This program has been going on in Pittsburgh for ten years.

“They need someone or other people who care about them,” Albrecht said.

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