Spanish classes explore Cincinnati Art Museum


Sydney Weiss

POSE. The museum has sections dedicated to African, American, Native American, European, and Asian artwork. Thus, it is the perfect place to get a taste for artwork through various time frames and locations. Students got to have free time to experience all styles of artwork; “It is pretty cool that we have such a developed museum in our city,” Miller said.

Spanish IV classes have been studying the art of Hispanic artists such as Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, and Pablo Picasso. For this reason, they took a field trip on April 20 to the Cincinnati Art Museum.

At the museum, students were split into groups and had about forty-five minutes with a docent, or volunteer tour guide, who pointed out the Spanish-influenced artwork. Students found it interesting to view some of the artwork that they have been studying in the classroom.

“We’ve been looking at artwork on the internet, which is cool, but it is a whole other experience to see the art firsthand,” said Taylor Miller, 10.

After the guided tour, students were set free to explore the museum. There were two temporary exhibits: one on Tiffany glass, and another on Japanese arms and armor. Of course, the museum’s permanent artwork was available for the students as well.

“The Japanese samurai exhibit was extremely cool. There were all different kinds of armor and weapons,” Miller said.

Following the time spent at the museum, students got to experience traditional Mexican food. Due to the lack of space in restaurants, Ms. Meredith Blackmore’s classes and Mrs. Lisa Vanags’ classes had to split up.

Blackmore’s students went to Frida 602, a whimsical Frida Kahlo-inspired restautant in Covington, KY. Vanags’ students went to Cazadores, a restaurant off of Cornell Road.

“I am in Vanags’ class, so I went to Cazadores. At first, I was dissappointed that I wouldn’t get to experience Frida’s, but Cazadores was delicious, and I would go back,” Miller said.

All in all, students found the Spanish field trip to be an enlightening experience.