Elementary students put on show of lifetime


PICTURE PERFECT. Riley Stauffer, third grader, poses after the final performance of Alice in Wonderland.” In the musical, Stauffer was one of the flowers during the song, “Golden Afternoon.” She was also in several other songs throughout the show. Photo courtesy of Maddi Saunders.

Maddi Saunders, Staff Writer

Symmes recently put on its 20th play, “Alice in Wonderland.” Last weekend, these third and fourth graders got their chance to shine.

“The play was outstanding. I could not believe how talented the third and fourth graders were,” said Elise Mangeot, 10.

Symmes Players is an after school organization that puts on a play each year. It started in 1998 with the play, “Once Upon a Shoe.” Every child who tries out for the play will get a part.

This organization is what makes Symmes Elementary so special, as only one other elementary school in Sycamore puts on a play. It is also run by the school’s PTO, with parents and teachers working to put on “Alice in Wonderland Jr.”

“I really enjoyed Symmes Players because I got to meet new people and make new friends. And the dances were absolutely crazy. And our director was really nice,” said Riley Stauffer, an “Alice in Wonderland” cast member.

The students participating in Symmes Players met every Tuesday and Thursday after school until 5:30 p.m. starting late January. Closer to the date of the play, the cast and crew also rehearsed at the SHS where the actual performances were held.

“I saw costumes from the play in the commons and I thought they were really cool,” said Molly Hayes, 10.

Overall, the play was a huge success. All three days of performances finished with a standing ovation from the crowd.