Prom on budget

Students save for big night

Get your dress or tux from a thrift store or vintage shop like Goodwill, Valley Thrift, Salvation Army, or Snooty Fox (or borrow from a friend!).

Many people utilize formal wear once and then donate it, so lightly used, high quality dresses and tuxes can be found at any second-hand shop.

Even if they have an odd ruffle or are a few sizes too big, simple alterations can be made starting at $10 at any dry cleaner or alterations shop. Also, shoulder pads can easily be cut out.

“Thrift your dress. I did and so did many of my friends! They got a great selection of one-use dresses for super cheap,” said Emily Chien, 11.

Buy a tux instead of renting.

Purchasing a tux costs just as much money, but you are able to wear it more than once.

“The average cost to rent a tux is $196,” said, which is much more than a one-time cost of the same amount, or even a cheaper cost if found at a consignment shop.

Do your own hair, makeup, and nails.

With an abundance of tutorials on YouTube, it is easy to create your own prom look without the cost of a salon. Also, a self-tanner is a much more affordable (and natural) way to achieve a bronzed look for prom.

Choose a suit/dress/shoes/jewelry you can wear again in the future or maybe even an ensemble you can dress up or down.

Get the most bang for your buck by wearing your prom dress or tux to any future formal event.

Have a potluck or choose an affordable restaurant.

Spending money on a ticket, and outfit, and a dinner is a little over the top. Try finding a restaurant with large portions the table can share or a restaurant with affordable options.

“Cooking a nice dinner for your date instead of taking her to a restaurant is cuter and cheaper,” said David Godar, 11.