Sycamore Community Schools launches new app


Sara Margolis

DOWNLOAD NOW. The app everyone has been waiting for, a Sycamore Schools App, is finally released. It provides easier access to everything you need to know about the school community. “We are excited about this way to connect with our students, families and community,” Forsthoefel said.

The world now revolves around technology. Smartphones are now the main sources for communication. You can call, text,, and more. All that being said, Sycamore Community Schools decided to launch an app for the community to be able to access everything related to Sycamore with the touch of your fingertips.

The app is powered by Blackboard, which allows students and parents to view grades, news, the calendar, Google Classroom, attendance lines, lunch menus, athletics, and performing arts.

“I think Sycamore’s technology is getting more advanced, and the app that was launched is really helping,” said Ava Vilardo, 10.

Another feature that is on the app is a suggestion icon where you can submit your thoughts. It includes app issues, feedback, personal crisis, and school safety.

“We continually heard from parents that a mobile app was of interest, and we have responded to their needs,” said Superintendent Frank Forsthoefel.

With technology being so prominent in today’s world, the Sycamore Community School’s app is helpful to get easier access to the district website and the newsletters.

Going on with easier access, the app has a feature that lists a directory of all staff members in the Sycamore Community organized by school.

“Having the Sycamore app available makes it so much easier to access important things that I need for school,” said Johanna Osborn, 10.

The app is available on the App store and Google Play for free. For more information and to be able to download the app on the Apple App store, go here.