Students drink up caffeine on weekends


Allyson Bonhaus

DRINK UP. Many students gather at this cute shop in Madeira. It is also hiring, and several SHS students work there already. “I love to go there on the weekends and just relax and work on some homework,” said Grace Creek, 10.

Despite not being in Europe as many students wish they still were, there are a plethora of cafes in Cincinnati. Besides the iconic Starbucks, there are smaller, more family style places to get your latte.

One stop stands out: Coffee Please is located on Miami Avenue. Its great collection of different styles of coffee beans and homey mood make it different from other coffee shops.

“There are so many options, and it’s a great environment,” said Grace Creek, 10.

Not only does the cafe provide a wide range of coffee types including lattes and cold frappuccino style drinks, they sell many baked goods. From muffins to cakes, Coffee Please provides a great selection.

“It is busy, but it is not as noisy as Starbucks, so I can really get some work done when I’m there,” Creek said.

My parents found this years ago and made it their early Saturday morning spot as they are both coffee connoisseurs. Yet I had not even paid a visit. When my friends snapchatted and instagrammed their coffee mug from there, I decided it was worth a try.

Now, I drink coffee daily and take far too many trip to Starbucks. But Coffee Please shocked me with its comfy atmosphere, fabulous coffee, and I cannot forget the great mugs. Your coffee is brought out in big ceramic mugs that suit the atmosphere perfectly.

“The coffee mugs suit the comfortable aesthetic of the coffee shop,” Creek said.

The coffee has more flavoring options than I have seen at Starbucks even. Even more options line the walls for you to take home and brew yourself. Stop by soon! It is worth a cup.

I suggest the Milky Way latte. Go and try it yourself! Click here for more on the cafe.