Underclassmen study, struggle for exams

The school year is finally coming to a close and summer is on everyone’s mind. Vacations, hanging out with friends, and (perhaps most importantly) sleep are on the agenda for most students once they are released from school.

However, before any one of those can take place, students must finish the school year, and that means only one thing: exams.

“I am so glad that summer is finally almost here, but the thought of all the exams that I have to take is definitely stressing me out,” said Astin Lin, 10.

In addition to studying and preparing for finals, starting on May 1 through May 12, AP Exams were on the plate for some students.

AP courses are very in depth and rigorous, and the exams were no exception to that.

The stress behind studying for an AP exam was definitely justified, considering the fact that an AP class is meant to be a college-level course.

“As long as you stay on top of your work and keep up with your assignments, you will be fine. However, studying for the exams is very stressful because there is a lot of material to review,” said Emily Reddy, 11.

There were two AP exams per day throughout the two weeks of testing, and each exam lasted for about three hours.

There was one exam in the morning, and one in the afternoon, and the last exams were AP European History and AP Latin on the afternoon of Fri., May 12.

“I felt like we had been prepared very well to take this exam [AP Euro] because of all the tests that we’d taken and assignments we’d done; but I was still nervous to take it,” said Noah Patterson, 10.

The academic classes’ exam week begins on Mon., May 22, and the last day of exams (which is also the last day of school) will be on Thurs., May 25.