Sycamore places announcement monitors


Mark Huffer

RENOVATE. Mr. Mader informed Sycamore that there will be a new form of announcement delivery next school year. The delivery has changed from verbal over the PA to visual over email and now will be in the hallways. This allows students to do what they want in ACE bell, but still gives them announcements that they can easily see.

Students need to hear news prominently to proceed with an average school year. SHS used to distribute the daily announcements through the PA system during ACE bell.

After the school moved on from PA announcements, they sent announcements to students’ school emails.

Principal Doug Mader has described a new system for the next school year involving monitors in the hallways to display the daily announcements.

“Announcements don’t really work because a lot of room people are too noisy,” Mader said.

The students in the Solutions classes have set up blue Xs in the hallways where the monitors will be. The Xs are intended to test out if students would be able to see them on their way to each class.

“If they don’t see a blue X walking to class, they need to change it,” Mader said.

The blue Xs are also pertinent to install power although the monitors will be wireless. The Solutions classes have come up with three different plans for the new system. They also developed the platform that the announcements will be on.

“We have an opportunity to do something special,” Mader said.