Q&A with Molly Gearin, 11, solo gymnast

Q: Is this your first year as the only person on the gymnastics team? 

Molly Gearin, 11, competes on the beam. As the solo gymnastics team member, she travels to Indian Hill daily for practice. She practices and competes there with the Cincinnati Country Day team. Photo Courtesy of Maureen Gearin.

A: No, last year it was just me as well. However, my freshman year I was with two seniors, Lisa Kohmescher and Sara Wesselkamper.

Q: Where do you practice, and who do you train with?

A: Since it’s only me I have to drive to Indian Hill for practice every day and practice with the Cincinnati Country Day team. I’ve done that the past two years so I know all of the other girls and we’re good friends now.

Q: Did you do anything special over the summer to train for the upcoming season?

A: I practiced a few days a week with the Mason Gymnastics team. I’ve been working on some new skills that I’ll be able to use during meets.

Q: Do you have any specific goals for the upcoming season?

A: One of my overall high school goals is to make it to State, so I have this year and the next. My best chance would be for either floor or vault, my two best events.