Welcome to new staff members!

We would like to welcome the new teachers and administrator to our school! If you see any of them in the hallway or the classroom, be sure to give them a warm welcome!

  • Mr. Aaron Akeley, math teacher
  • Mr. Scott Collins, math teacher
  • Mr. Kerry Crotty, English teacher
  • Mr. Jonathan Doerger, special education teacher
  • Mr. Kevin Gutekunst, English teacher
  • Ms. Christina Layton, supervisor of the Special Education Department
  • Mrs. Marika McFall, math teacher
  • Mrs. Adrienne Sanders, associate principal
  • Dr. Angela Santangelo, orchestra director
  • Ms. Catlyn Waltemire, intern as a school psychologist

To learn more about these new faces, be sure to check out the August issue of the Leaf when it comes out on August 25!