Juggling college, high school

Emme Loon, Staff Writer

Navigating through high school and beginning the transition to college can be very difficult for students. There is a lot of personal growth over the four years and with lots of ups and downs.

I had a chance to sit down with senior Alex Thornberry. He told me about his high school journey and the process of getting ready for college.

To start off the conversation, he told me about one of the proudest moments he has had in high school.

“I have really gotten to connect with baseball, and have become pretty good at it. So I am proud of my improvement over the past four years,” Thornberry said.

Applying for colleges can be stressful and hard to manage with school, too.

“My grades dropped from all A’s junior year to all B’s and C’s because I had to balance applying for colleges and school work at the same time.” Thornberry said.

Thornberry also shared some advice to the freshmen and sophomores.

“Always try harder than you think you need to because I didn’t try as hard my freshman and sophomore year, and it is still affecting me today with colleges. Also, make relationships with people because you need that strategy to succeed in life,” Thornberry said.

The transition from being at home every day and going to school every day like many of us have done since preschool is very different. There are multiple things that Thornberry is going to miss.

“I am going to miss going to school with the kids I have known ever since I was little. It’s going to feel way different. I am also going to miss my twin brother, who is also my best friend,” Thornberry said.