Senior Day calls for underclassmen costumes


Madeleine Suh

SENIORS. The Lady Aves focus on their seniors through the annual Senior Day. This afternoon, all three teams come together to have fun and award the Class of 2018 tennis athletes. “It was a great way to wrap up my four years on the team,” Reddy said.

Homecoming dresses and duck slippers? This could only be the results of the annual tennis Senior Day.

As the Girls Tennis Team nears the end of the season, they took an afternoon to focus on their Class of 2018 athletes.

Over time, it has become a tradition for the senior athletes to dress nicely on this day while the underclassmen are required to follow the embarrassing and foolish clothing requirements the seniors assign them.

Senior Day is a full team practice to celebrate the amazing seniors for both their athletics as well as their character and sportsmanship throughout four years. Coach Mike Teets also shares the progression and improvement he saw in them now from their freshman year.

Varsity and JV teams spent the afternoon playing games and completing challenges together.

In addition, players ended the eventful occasion with food and recognition of each individual senior. They congratulated Shruti Mishra, Bryce Winnestaffer, Halle Gordon, Emily Reddy, Madison Ringer, and the 2017 girls tennis team captain, Kaitlyn Jiang.

“Senior day is important because we get to honor our teammates who have put constant dedication into the hobbies we share,” said Samantha Fernandez, 11.

“[It] is important to celebrate the seniors who we’ve become really close with since the Junior High and cherish their legacy that they’ve left for Sycamore tennis,” said Eshika Kohli, 11.