Killers’ new ‘Wonderful, Wonderful’ album debuts on top


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ROARING CROWD. The Killers are going on a 2017-2018 tour around North America and the UK to promote their album ‘Wonderful, Wonderful.’ The tour began in August with Lollapalooza in Chicago and will end in February, with the band touring for over seven months. Tickets for the concerts can be found on Ticketmaster. Photo courtesy of MCT.

Taylor Close, Leaflet Editor-in-Chief

After laying low for five years, the American rock band has come back to share more of their music with its ever growing fan base. Their newest album has become their first to hit number one on the Billboard charts.

“I think it’s so cool how long they [the Killers] have been around. I feel like I have grown up on them since I’ve been listening to them for years,” said Alex Newberg, 12.

The band started in 2001, with lead singer Brandon Flowers and guitarist Dave Keunig in Las Vegas, Nevada. They were joined by bassist Mark Stoermer and drummer Ronnie Vannucci, Jr. in 2002.

Since 2001, the Killers have released five studio albums as well as multiple other EPs. They have been called one of the biggest rock bands in the 21st century, and have performed in more than 50 countries.

Their most famous song, ‘Mr. Brightside,’ released as the debut single in their first album and sold over three million copies in the US alone. In 2010, Rolling Stone added it to the top 50 songs of the 21st century.

“I remember listening to this song [‘Mr. Brightside’] on repeat for most of my middle school years. I still remember most, if not all of the words, and will sing along to it every time I hear it,” Newberg said.

This new album, ‘Wonderful, Wonderful,’ has been in production since 2015 and has a general theme of what it means to be a man. It has been well received by the public, reaching number one on over six charts worldwide.

“I am excited to see what is next for them. They have been around for more than a decade and are still making really good music, so I look forward to seeing what their music will be like after two decades,” Newberg said.