Volunteers ‘give back’ with OGB


Robin Haruyama

PEOPLE OF ALL AGES JOIN TOGETHER. People do different activities together in order to learn. “A sense of community is created,” Haruyama said.

Claire Myers, Staff Writer

Operation Give Back is an organization that brings people from the community together in order to help the less fortunate. It gives different opportunities to serve, help one another, and teach other.

“It teaches the students to respect one another and to desire learning,” said Skye Haruyama, 11, volunteer.

Operation Give Back (OGB) has different ways for people to donate/volunteer and get involved.

Donating school supplies for those who are not able to afford to buy them for their children is an option of how to help. Their website gives a whole list of what supplies are needed and what is useful to donate for kids.

Donating food is also an option. Operation Give Back has a food pantry that is always grateful to gain some more food to add to it. They also have a list of what types of food can be brought to in to donate.

They will also always accept donations and contributions for their organization. Every dollar helps!

The biggest way that people like to volunteer is by helping the students who come to learn through different activities or by helping them with their homework.

“The students come through Sycamore transportation, sign in, and go to their assigned table where a tutor is waiting for them. The student reads when they are finished, until they are picked up,” Haruyama said.

This is an option to get service hours and to help out in our very own community.

“There is a gap that seems to become smaller and smaller between the older and wiser crowd who take time to invest in a younger group of capable kids,” Haruyama said.