Mr. Lonnie Stover

Dec. 28, 1966-Oct. 8, 2017

Sycamore is home to many excellent and inspiring teachers, but on Oct. 8 the district lost one of the best.

Revered music teacher and supervisor Mr. Lonnie Stover passed away after a difficult battle with cancer. Many generations and grades of students were impacted by his teaching since his start at Sycamore in 1997.

Since then, he served as the district’s Music Supervisor, taught grades 5-12, and led many groups within the music program, including marching band.

Stover inspired students to continue with the music program; for many students, he was their first introduction into music at Sycamore. Additionally, Stover was heavily involved in students’ choice of instrument before fifth grade.

“My favorite memory of Mr. Stover is when we were first testing out the mouthpieces. I first tried saxophone. I thought I sounded exactly how I was supposed to [but] apparently not. He then pointed to my second choice, the trumpet.

“I’m so glad he said I shouldn’t do saxophone because I never would have met the amazing family I have now in the trumpet section,” said Jakob Elliott, 10.

Some students came into the band program already knowing about instruments, but Mr. Stover helped turn those students into the strong musicians they are today.

“My grandfather introduced me to the trumpet, and he made me a trumpet player. Mr. Stover? He made me a musician,” said Ian Suddarth, 11.

Through his passion, talent, and character, students are left with heartfelt memories to cherish for the rest of their high school career and beyond.

“I don’t know if I can sum up what a great man [Mr. Stover] truly is. He wasn’t any normal director. He wasn’t just some hero. He’s a legend.

“He will never be forgotten just because of the impact he has had on the community. He’s family, and that can’t be taken away from us,” said KC Cooper, 11.

Memorials may be made to the Lonnie Stover Education Fund, at Fifth Third Bank for the betterment of his children in their pursuit of education and music